2022 Personal Year in Review

Lia Golledge
8 min readDec 26, 2022


My 2022 theme was to CONNECT. I immediately discovered that I set too many objectives on this theme. I was hardly able to follow through with everything. But if I can see it objectively, I guess this theme has made me more intentional with my connection. One example is when I organize my birthday with an intentional plan and I hope it becomes memorable for my guests.

The plot twist of 2022 was definitely my involvement in Web3. It started as a mere curiosity and a chat with Tommy Chandra & Ruanth Chrisley, then it manifests as Robomot NFT, an NFT with remote workers utility also was made to support the movement of Remote Skills Academy to empower remote workers in Indonesia. Since we started building the community, I have spoken in various Web3 stages and connected with amazing people in Bali’s Web3 Community. Super grateful and thankful for this experience. Robomot NFT will mint in early January 2023. Message me or message Robomot on Twitter if you want an Allow List (AL)!

My involvement in Web3 also inspired me to start HER Accelerator, a female-first web3 accelerator. Unfortunately, due to the market condition, we need to pause the project but thankful to have connected with my Co-Founders Robbert Deusing, Kannan Ramakrishnan, and Faye Wongso. I’m sure together we can start another equally fun project.

In my attempt to make an impact through education, proud to have created several top programs with my amazing team at Remote Skills Academy such as Remote Skills Summit Indonesia 2022, Super VA Bootcamp, and Girls in Tech Scholarship 2022 (in collaboration with Girls in Tech Indonesia team). We have impacted over 1000+ students so far!

Forever grateful to Lavinia Iosub, Founder of Remote Skills Academy, to open this space for me to contribute to empowering Indonesian Youth to acquire digital skills. High-five to my Co-Managing Director at Girls in Tech Indonesia (GiT ID), Finia, for being my partner in running GiT ID for more than 3 years now.

What I’ve learned this year.

Wu Wei, non-doing. I’ve learned that I’m unconsciously a Reflector in Human Design. That means I have learned to embrace resting as part of my need to energize myself. It’s ok to live like a house plant.

Discernment. I’ve learned to massively filter the things that I will invest myself in. I only have the energy for something meaningful and purposeful. I can go far with this intention from the very beginning.

Delegate. Working with Virtual Assistants (VAs) has increasingly added to my productivity and allowed me to be a better bestie as well! My VAs helped me to arrange my friend Devi’s bachelorette party for me! Talk to me about how to recruit VAs from Remote Skills Academy’s alumni.

This year, I also have worked with amazing Leaders as their thought leadership coach. Tarush Aggarwal CEO 5x Data, Avina Sugiarto Partner at East Ventures, Anita Sadasivan Chief Wellbeing Officer Mindfi, Ning Nathan Self-Mastery Coach, Nurhastuty Wardhani Lecturer in Islamic Finance & a Writer, Becky Cohen Founder The Conscious Revolution, Amin Wi VP Growth Ahaslides, Marlin Siahaan ex CEO Telkomsel Mitra Inovasi (Telkomsel Ventures). I am grateful to help them gain clarity on how they can continue to expand their impact and share at scale to reach their goals.

One of the most meaningful works that I did this year was to help a refugee tell her heart-breaking story in a structured way so she can successfully apply for residency in another country. This is when I realize the true power of storytelling that can help change people’s life.

My focus to nurture and maintain my hair has come to fruition. I’ve learned what works for my hair (and my face) is to deeply moisturize! This is the key! My hair has become longer, thicker, and became naturally curly lol. This is what I have been envisioning before I started this journey. I will share the story of my hair in another post, I’m still in my journey to get to know my hair, but I already feel so beautiful in my own hair so I can ditch my wigs!

The thing that I never discussed anywhere is my dating experience. What exhausted me most in 2022 is the random dates that won’t lead anywhere (hello, tourists wkwk). So far it hasn’t been the most satisfying part of my life. This is probably the one area in my life that I feel the most slacking about. So I have decided to work with a coach to help me with my discipline and give me a sense of accountability to follow through with what’s best for me.

One other thing that I’ve been doing very well at is connecting with myself. I have a lot better self-awareness. My journaling practice has been religious and on point. This has helped me to bounce back faster from any setbacks.

This year I’ve learned about how diseases can come and go if we allow them to. Our body has a great self-healing mechanism. But I also help my body to perform healing better by listening to what it needs and taking care of it.

What works for me physically:

Kombucha works! It has single-handedly fixed my gut so I won’t have a problem with acid reflux when I ate too spicy food or have the slightest stress. It also has cured my anxiety at the same time!

Daily random exercise for 30 minutes works for me. I’ve learned that 30 minutes of workout in the morning in freestyle works! I do Tibetan rites, breathwork, lifting weights, yoga, belly dancing, meditation, QiGong, etc in the same session, mixing things together. (otherwise I will get bored)

Intermittent fasting works. Clean eating with a little indulgence works. Sunbath works. Walking in nature works.

Thankfully I have Sisi and Citra, my road trip buddy that will push me out of my comfort zone to hike for more than 30 minutes in various places in Bali lol.

I’ve been practicing singing every 2 weeks with my amazing vocal coach Tesha and my singing partner Sisi and I’m getting a lot better at singing. The creme on the top of the cupcake was when I got to duet with the phenomenal Dee Lestari at Zero4 karaoke. It surely was an epic experience!

I have realized that I’ve been in my head a lot (rightfully so to do my work properly). So when I take a New Year’s break, I kickstarted a 21-day Kemayu Challenge, where I did daily feminine embodiment activities such as dancing, writing, reading, journaling, learning, massaging, playing singing bowl, etc. I share that publicly on my Twitter, you can follow the thread here. I feel so liberated to be back to get in touch with my body again.

I will write more about this unique experience. But it has such a mind-blowing impact on my life when I start following my bliss minute by minute, hour after hour, day after day. Even when it means staying at home during Christmas day, just because I feel like it.

Following 100% fully of what I desire has improved my life massively.

This experiment has inspired me to focus on this one word in 2023: FLOW.

I will focus on creating a flow state in my daily life. I will set up 3 goals of the year and focus to break down the milestones on each of them of what makes me feel like I’m making good progress.

What I am excited about in 2023.

Artificial Intelligence (AI). I’ve been playing around with AI (ChatGpt, Midjourney, etc) with my Twitter fam and have been learning in public. It was fun and the opportunities ahead are endless!

To experiment with the flow state itself is definitely something that I look forward to. I want to formulate my daily life and find what works to create a flow streak in my life. This will involves adding embodiment activities daily including my attempt to be a ‘drama queen’ to better express myself.

Writing the ‘Creative Waiting’ book. This book has been on my brain for about a year now and it’s about time to get it done and publish it in 2023.

I will be advising Gracious Project to help them grow while doing their impactful project of bringing high quality affordable natural products to our life. Definitely excited about this new role. Thankful for Bali Investment Club’s ANGELS + FOUNDERS event that allows me to encounter these amazing impact entrepreneurs.

The chance to further change lives with education. RSA will offer a new range of programs designed to develop both soft skills and hard skills. These programs will provide more opportunities for offline in-person interactions and hopefully have more impact on Indonesian Youth as we will work closely with Pra Kerja and other influential platforms!

Girls in Tech Indonesia Scholarship 2023 is also in the pipeline, with the aim of promoting diversity and increasing the representation of female developers in international company teams. It is exciting to be able to make a meaningful impact and contribute to positive change in the industry.

To continuously work with Leaders, focus on building new digital products, and refine my framework to support them.

Starting a sustainable and profitable SaaS project without external funding will be something I’m keen to see happen.

Learning Sufism and potentially traveling around Turkey to dive deep would be magical.

I’m very optimistic that 2023 will be the year that I meet my tribe, the people with the same vision to make a change at the systemic level in society.

As I’m more clear about what I’m looking for, I believe 2023 would be the year I finally meet my soulmate! Just so looking forward to this.

Despite my excitement for the opportunities available in 2023, I am aware of the larger challenges and difficulties that we are currently facing on a global scale. These include economic downturns, struggles to cope with recessions, energy issues, war, job losses, rising rental costs, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, including recent outbreaks in China and the many challenges that come with the effect of reopening after the pandemic.

It’s hard.

It is important for me to recognize that it is okay to feel melancholy and to allow myself to experience and process those many emotions that come with unexpected circumstances.

This year is a time to be mindful and to approach each day with a sense of possibility. It is a time to embrace the present moment and to find joy in the small moments and experiences that each day brings. The present moment is a gift. If we see things this way, we will spend 2023 unwrapping presents.



Lia Golledge

Founder Coach. Fractional CMO Remote Skills Academy. Co-Managing Director Girls in Tech Indonesia. Author of 33 books.